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What is a document camera vs ScreenBeam wireless display?

What is a document camera? Document cameras have been a popular classroom tool for many years because they've made it easy for teachers to share work and objects with the entire class. A document camera is basically a small camera mounted on a stand which is connected...

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4 Steps to Create the Best Home Theater Experience in 2018

It’s a great time for home-theater technology. Screens are growing bigger and better, sound is getting clearer, and content is becoming more accessible. Wireless options are making it possible to set up an amazing home theater without major construction, which is...

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Cord Cutting 101: How to Break Up with Cable in 2018

Cord Cutting 101: How to Get More Out of Your TV in 2018 The way people consume television in this day and age is much different than years past due to the advancement of technology and the rise of streaming services. While most households still use traditional TV...

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Preparing the Future Workforce through Modern Learning Spaces

The classroom structure has not seen much change over the years. For generations, we’ve seen the same desks arranged in a grid of rows and columns. The teacher typically stands at the front of the room and teaches from one location. Yes, there is newer technology in...

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Microsoft Continues Investment in Education Ecosystem

As a Microsoft partner, ScreenBeam is overjoyed to see Microsoft’s continued investment in the education space.  At the recent BETT Education Conference in London, Microsoft announced their latest push into the education ecosystem with a handful of new features within...

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ScreenBeam will be at BETT London

Every year thousands of educators gather at the annual BETT Ed-Tech Conference to see and learn about the newest trends and technologies in the education world. Over four amazing days visitors will be served up talks, demos and presentations on how to successfully...

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Great use of @nearpod, @ScreenBeam and @ClassroomScreen in Media with @BlueLakeDolphin

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@smnationVCS @nearpod @ClassroomScreen @BlueLakeDolphin Looks like your students are having lots of fun learning! W…

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Students in @mendi_camacho's class are having a blast presenting their survey projects with each other!…

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6 ways to build rapport with students: "It’s about learning who they are, accepting and celebrating their uniquenes…

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A2 Because preparing our students for jobs that don't exist yet isn't just a buzz phrase, it's the reality! #MSFTEduChat

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