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In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the landscape of collaboration has changed – and it looks like many of those changes will be more permanent than some expected.

At least for the foreseeable future, a recent IDC report found that many organizations are opting to continue working on a remote or hybrid basis, even with vaccines beginning to roll out across the globe.

The study found that nearly half of the organizations examined that had a long-term digital transformation strategy in place and invested in that strategy prior to the pandemic are showing growth. Now, after the fact, 84% of business leaders will accelerate digitization of work processes, and 83% plan on offering more opportunities for remote work than they did before the pandemic.

The report broke key findings into regional trends for North America, Europe and the Asia/Pacific region. Let’s explore.

North America Plans to Continue Working Remotely, at least at Higher Rates than Pre-COVID

  • 38% of companies are prioritizing workplace transformation investments
  • Knowledge workers have become accustomed to remote work, and guidelines are becoming more stable for essential, in-person workers
  • People will return to the office, but in fewer numbers than before the pandemic hit

Europe: It’s Time to Go Hybrid

  • 40% of companies are prioritizing workplace transformation investments
  • Decentralization is occurring among work locations, and coworking spaces are growing
  • 25% of companies plan to work primarily from home, though legislation is in the works to allow for better hybrid models

Asia/Pacific: The Return of the Office

  • 39% of APAC organizations are investing in “crisis response” solutions
  • 74% of organizations will return to the office full-time in a “post-vaccine” world
  • Still, digital strategies and a “digital-first” mindset are now popular in case of another crisis

Meeting environments around the world are and will continue to evolve, flex and bend as we move closer to returning to the office. According to the report, organizations understand they must invest in technology and endpoint hardware in the areas of collaboration and conferencing solutions. With 40% saying they will redesign their work models to support a hybrid workforce, there is much to be examined and addressed. To learn more about how ScreenBeam can assist your organization in making the most of its investment in workplace transformation, contact us today.

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