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The workplace’s evolution is now one with a hybrid structure. Many companies have become open to offering their employees with the option to work in the office as well as remotely. This shift will likely be permanent post-pandemic for several reasons—employees appreciate the flexibility and freedom, and companies realized that remote work has been just as productive as in the office.

That doesn’t mean the office will disappear. Its purpose and value will change to be a place that fosters collaboration and makes meetings easy to deploy with technology that equally supports employees in the office and those working remotely.

That brings the workplace to a new concept, Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM). This concept is an extension of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). It enables meeting hosts and attendees to use their personal devices along with existing conference room peripherals. It seamlessly connects in-room participants with remote ones, which is at the core of the hybrid workplace.

Flexibility Is Critical and Companies Are Listening

A recent survey revealed that 65% of remote workers don’t want to go back to the office, and 58% percent said they would look for a new job if forced to return. Thus, there needs to be a happy medium. Many big companies are leading the way in embracing a hybrid culture.

Ford relayed that its 30,000 office employees would only need to visit the office for critical in-person meetings. Google is also reimaging its meeting spaces with multi-purpose offices, private workspaces, and new technology to keep all employees connected. Salesforce has a flex schedule in place as well, which will bring workers to the office a few days a week.

Big companies aren’t the only ones rolling out hybrid work models. A survey found that 82% of company leaders plan to allow employees to work from home part of the time post-pandemic.

BYOM Is Purpose-Built for Hybrid Workplaces

People feel most comfortable using what they know, especially when it comes to technology. Due to the increase in remote working, employees want to use tools they know best when either hosting or attending a meeting. In fact, studies show that 67% of employees already use their own devices at work.

While traditional unified communication (UC) solutions are highly effective for remote meeting participants, new challenges arise within a hybrid model blending remote and in-person meeting participants which makes it challenging when the host and presenter is not equipped with the right tools. BYOM eliminates those hurtles, creating the ideal environment for a frictionless in-person and hybrid meeting experience.

So, how will companies implement these big changes? They’ll need a BYOM solution that can deliver flexibility, and that’s possible with ScreenBeam Conference.

How Does ScreenBeam Conference Facilitate BYOM?

ScreenBeam Conference is a software that comes with the ScreenBeam 1100 Plus wireless presentation system and was designed specifically with hybrid workplaces and BYOM in mind. With ScreenBeam Conference, a host device wirelessly connects to the in-room display, camera, microphone, and soundbar providing flexibility beyond that of traditional UC room systems. This solution works with all major web conferencing services including Teams, Zoom, GoToMeeting, and more to deliver agnostic conferencing support. ScreenBeam Conference runs on top of OS-native wireless display technology, eliminating user contact with dongles, buttons, cables, and room control systems.

It only takes a few steps to launch ScreenBeam Conference, so it’s appropriate for planned and ad hoc meetings. This solution delivers the flexibility needed to enable equitable meeting experiences between remote and in-person participants no matter the room set-up with personal choice of web conferencing platform.

Prepare for the Hybrid Workplace

A disruption to the workplace was already starting before the pandemic; it just accelerated it. Regardless of what the future holds, the reality is that the way people work has forever changed. Adapting to this is good for your employees as well as for your business’s future success.

Learn more about how ScreenBeam Conference works today by visiting the product page or watching the video.

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