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Companies are reimaging the workplace as they prepare for a safe return to the office. As they do empowering a hybrid workforce will be critical.

Discussing technology and return to the workplace, Collaborative Tech Talk welcomed Mike Ehlenberger, VP/GM, ScreenBeam, and Jeff Willis, SVP of Product Management, Exertis. This is the third part of the series, Preparing for a Safe Return to the Office.

ScreenBeam and Exertis are partners in the marketplace, with the latter acting as a distributor. “We’re glad to take ScreenBeam to the market, and there’s never been a better time than now,” Willis said.

Willis and Ehlenberger spoke about the challenges integrators faced during the pandemic. “We’ve been helping customers mitigate the impact and take advantage of opportunities. We went from creating experiences where people could gather to those that are remote and often one-to-one,” Willis added.

Ehlenberger commented that integrators have shifted to retrofitting and a broader scope with new tools like contactless technology. These things provide a new way to work with an empowered hybrid model. “With hybrid, there will be something driving people to the office, like collaboration and group meetings. It’s here to stay.”

If meetings are the key reason to go into the office, workplace design will change to include more meeting spaces and fewer cubicles. “We’ve learned work can be done just about anywhere. To have engagement and high-performing teams, you need flexibility,” Willis commented.

The need for the office isn’t going away, as it’s where cultures build a community. “The social aspect of the office will remain. It’s an important landing zone for people,” Ehlenberger noted.

Luckily, the tech remote workers were using at home transfers to the office. Whether in the office or at home, the experience for employees should be cohesive, and technology facilitates that.

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