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Many companies are operating under a new framework with a hybrid workforce. As a result, the amount of communication happening through technology platforms is at an all-time high. This communication is essential to collaboration and a successfully operating workforce.

What is the key to this new technologically based communication infrastructure? Simplicity.

Tools that support meetings must be simple. Unfortunately, as many businesses have learned, these systems often have limitations that lead to difficulty for users and ultimately cause workers to avoid the technology. This is seen clearly in conferencing technology. Many businesses use Microsoft Teams or Zoom as their unified communications collaboration (UCC) platform. These are robust solutions, but they have some gaps in capabilities.

What’s Missing in UCCs that Stifles Collaboration and Productivity?

To drive a flexible hybrid work model, organizations are using the new framework known as Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM). However, Microsoft Team Rooms (MTR) and Zoom Rooms (ZR) do not support BYOM experiences. The problem lies in the need to override the MTR/ZR device control of room peripherals (Camera, Microphone, Speakers) and provide access of those devices to the user laptop and the meeting client application of their choice.

Another challenge is the ability to share content (wirelessly present) to a room display in an MTR or ZR environment. Furthermore, you lose touchscreen capabilities in these situations which is critical for collaboration, as touchscreens serve as digital whiteboards. The usability of the ecosystem suffers under this loss of functionality.

These restrictions cause frustration and stifle productivity. To eliminate this quandary, businesses need to look to solutions that enable flexibility in device usage and other conferencing features. That solution should integrate peripheral capabilities and create the best meeting experiences for all.

ScreenBeam USB Pro Switch Enables Intelligent Switching Between Platforms

The answer to this gap in technology is the ScreenBeam USB Pro Switch. Its core function is to allow seamless switching between UCC room devices and support users with easy BYOM experiences. The USB Pro Switch, when paired with the SB1100Plus, automatically and intelligently knows when a user wants to only share content from their device during an MTR/ZR session. Or whether the user needs access to the room peripherals for a BYOM meeting and thus takes the action to switch everything over to the user’s device. Now users can easily share content to the room display during the UCC meeting or host a full BYOM meeting without ever having to change inputs on a display, touch a control system or learn some complex proprietary system. ScreenBeam technology just works all while preserving existing user experiences.
How You Can Use ScreenBeam USB Pro Switch?

The ScreenBeam USB Pro Switch fills the gap in MTR and ZR abilities. Here’s how you can use it to improve meeting experiences:

  • Ad-hoc meetings: While in an MTR or ZR, the wireless presenter connects via the ScreenBeam 1100 Plus to share content. The ScreenBeam USB Pro Switch provides the option for room audio and a camera for the presenter. After the session ends, all room resources switch back to a ready state.
  • BYOM: The meeting begins by connecting via the ScreenBeam 1100 Plus via ScreenBeam Conference. The ScreenBeam USB Pro Switch intelligently and automatically assigns the room audio and camera to the wireless host. After the meeting, all room resources go back to the MTR or ZR.
  • Touchscreen capability: After sharing content, the ScreenBeam USB Pro Switch allows the presenter to use touchscreen functionality. After the call, room resources revert to MTR or ZR.

ScreenBeam USB Pro Switch: Great for Users and IT Administrators

The challenges the switch solves deliver benefits for users and IT administrators. Users will love how easy it is to use by not requiring any user intervention at all – the magic happens automatically. ScreenBeam preserves existing user experiences, which means little to no training by the IT staff. It brings together all the tools they need to hold collaborative meetings not slowed or impacted by complicated technology.

IT admins will appreciate that it reduces costs since it doesn’t require expensive hardware. They will also welcome how the switch provides more flexibility and expands the capabilities of their existing rooms providing a greater ROI on their room h/w investments.

Break Free from Conferencing Platform Restrictions with the Switch

As the world continues to redefine what work is, there are changing dynamics. However, communication and collaboration will always be necessary. The ScreenBeam USB Pro Switch supports this shift and releases the restrictions you currently face.

Discover more about this tool powering the future of work.

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