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The era of hybrid work is ever-present in today’s leading industries. More and more companies are meeting in person again while still looking for ways to integrate employees that work remotely. The recent InfoComm 2022 conference for the pro av industry was a reminder of this return. Mike Ehlenberger, Vice President and General manager of ScreenBeam Inc., who attended the conference spoke with Tyler Kern at Collaborative Tech Talk about the event and much more.

“The attendance was great, the enthusiasm from the industry was really there, people are really engaged, and you can tell that the industry is back in business,” Ehlenberger said. “Overall, it was a 10 out of 10 for ScreenBeam.”

With customers seeking out solutions to solve their audio-visual (AV) needs, the overarching question remains, “can they solve this problem of getting meetings to work with remote and the in-person employees working inside of their facilities,” he said.

Companies want to maximize access and ensure interactivity amongst their employees. “There’s a lot of great solutions out there and ScreenBeam is at the top of the charts when it comes to bringing solutions together. Whether it’s a single turnkey solution or a solution that can really integrate with other types of room systems that customers are deploying,” Ehlenberger explained.

The solutions ScreenBeam provides and their most recent unveiling of technology, the USB Pro switch, which is a companion to the ScreenBeam 1100 plus, recently allowed the AV company to be named best of show at the InfoComm 2022 conference. “This product is enabling us to allow customers to add wireless coverage, wireless presentation and wireless collaboration to existing room systems,” which is a big challenge where many systems have platform restrictions that become a nuance.

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