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Featured on a recent episode of the Rants and rAVes show, ScreenBeam’s Senior Director of Strategic Alliances, Jay Taylor, sat down with host Gary Kayye to share the new features and design interface of the ScreenBeam USB Pro Switch. Paired with the ScreenBeam 1100 Plus, the USB Pro Switch automatically and intelligently switches between unified communication (UC) room system and BYOM experiences with no user intervention required.

“You can add a ScreenBeam in any room and turn it into a wireless room,” Kayye emphasized.

This is an especially critical factor for seamlessly utilizing the many different technologies used for virtual meetings. Whether using Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WebEx or other video conferencing platforms, the USB Pro Switch is a purpose-built hub and can transform any video conferencing tool into another. This means that switching from a Teams call to a Zoom call is handled fully by the USB Pro Switch. This is done by sharing the USB peripherals through the connection with the USB Pro Switch.

“It’s a very impactful technology. It’s really changing how teachers teach and how students learn and communicate and so it’s really exciting. We’re having the same impact in conference rooms around the globe as well,” said Taylor.

While shared video conferencing platforms are great for basic utility, the USB Pro Switch boosts communication to the next level.

“What’s really nice about this is that throughout the entire user experience, we preserve the full Teams room experience or Zoom room experience,” Taylor explained.  “When that meeting is done and then the next meeting is on Google Meet or WebEx or something like that, they can walk in with their device and do a full BYOM experience just as they normally do with ScreenBeam conference today. And the intelligence built into the ScreenBeam 1100 Plus along with our Switch will automatically and intelligently switch those resources.”

Without switching gears, the ScreenBeam USB Pro Switch works as a companion product to the ScreenBeam 1100 Plus to answer customers’ needs for multiple different rooms across interfaces. This allows people to meet with others around the globe without needing complicated hardware or a messy controller system.

The secure, native wireless display menu helps to preserve user experiences while providing an instant BYOM.

Clearly, the USB Pro Switch is advancing the ease of connecting in the digital age. Visit ScreenBeam’s product page to learn more about how the USB Pro Switch can enhance any virtual meeting.

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