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The ScreenBeam 1100 PLUS wireless display receiver is a simple, powerful, and versatile presentation and conferencing solution. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is almost a thing of the past when now you can Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM). This unit simplifies access to video, audio, and USB devices connected to it. There are a wide variety of projectors, displays, cameras, speakers, microphones, and Human Interface Devices that can be connected to the system. Once the system is installed and configured, users can access it wirelessly or over a local network. Users have the option to connect a wired physical HDMI® source and a USB (if needed) which is a great added feature for both wired and wireless connectivity.

Deploying the device is quick and easy and took us no time at all to setup and get running. Physically, it takes up less than ½ a rack unit so it will fit into many places. The unit runs quietly so it is unlikely to disturb presenters so long as the mounting location is properly ventilated. There are only a few cables to connect regardless of the configuration you choose which is a bonus. The flexibility of the deployment allows for both internal and external simultaneous network connections not seen on many similar products. For content sharing there are no apps to install and no required external USB dongles.

This system has many applications but would be great for educational environments, allowing the teacher to switch between their computer and a connected student’s computer. Giving them the opportunity to present content to the class. There are various ways to use the system for example an instructor could also connect a video player to the unit and wirelessly connect their computer to present other content when needed. Collaboration at student workstations is a breeze especially with the ability to display multiple users at the same time.

The 1100 Plus is as capable in the boardroom as it is in the classroom. Use this unit to connect to existing displays as a simple all-in-on solution or as a source in a more complex design. Giving employees and guests the ability to make their presentation (even through different networks) on a screen large enough to see every detail is critical. Flexibility with high quality unified communications having a connected camera speaker and microphone sets this unit apart.

With the inclusion of a USB speakerphone and camera you can convert the unit from only presentation to a video teleconference system using popular software such as Teams or Zoom. It has the capability of connecting to two networks at the same time so you can configure the system to securely allow visitors to connect without needing to give them access to your secure corporate network.

The addition of a ScreenBeam USB Pro switch users will gain the ability to share the resources of an MTR type of room with the BYOM scenario. In combination with the 1100 PLUS this makes an excellent addition for an IT or A/V professional giving the ability to automatically swap peripheral devices. As not all meetings’ rooms are alike and many businesses do not have dedicated MTR type of rooms, the USB Pro switch gives users the ability to easily change from wired to wireless for BYOM. Upon testing the USB switching, we were pleasantly surprised with the reliability and ease of use with a variety of our available and connected peripheral devices. Our testing environment also included an interactive touch display, and we found the annotation during content sharing to be accurate, reliable, and quick.

When it comes to wireless BYOD and BYOM devices, what is most important to many users is price. Surprisingly the product itself can fit almost any budget and when you look at other savings like reductions in infrastructure and installation time, ScreenBeam is the clear winner. The ability to implement the USB Pro switch and the 1100 Plus is a powerful combination addressing the real issues that come with BYOD hybrid meetings. ScreenBeam has reset the bar for these types of meetings.

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