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Finding the right balance is hard for anyone in the workforce, no matter what their unique situation or the overall state of modern work looks like. There’s always a fine line, especially for those so dedicated to the work they do. Added stress from the pandemic has many anxious about the future.

But how does workplace design impact work-life balance? There’s no doubt that the current workplace environment looks dramatically different. From corporate offices to education, the less contact, the better.

With the need to social distance yet still collaborate, many organizations are implementing contactless workplaces.

How Is Workplace Design Evolving?

Workplace design has been changing rapidly for years, with many companies creating open layouts to foster collaboration and communication. The design of the place where employees work matters, both to their productivity and performance in the office and how they feel outside of it.

The 2020 U.S. Workplace Survey from Gensler offers some interesting insights on the subject. The study has been tracking workplace design and its impact since 2008. The 2020 data shows that focusing, in-person collaboration, learning and socializing continue to decline. Further, workplace effectiveness and experience are down slightly from 2019.

The report, which doesn’t include the fallout from the pandemic, also found that 50% of workers spend at least one day per week away from their primary office. For those in this group, innovation and satisfaction were higher. However, workers in the highest performing workplaces preferred working in the office. Workers still want flexibility and the ability to work remotely, but they also continue to enjoy the community of the workplace.

Ultimately, the “perfect” workspace is different for every organization. What they have in common is typically technology tools that support work, collaboration and communication. So, now that workers in the office must distance themselves physically, how can they still innovate and ideate?

Creating a Contactless Workplace

In thinking about the new workplace and how workers use technology, the easier, the better. Now, it needs to be easy and contactless. There are several ways companies can achieve this without compromising on collaboration and communication.

Contactless wireless display eliminates all physical interfaces to present to those in the same workspaces. They can seamlessly integrate into meeting spaces or unified communications (UC) platforms. The ideal wireless display is also app-free eliminating the friction of using them. You can quickly connect with colleagues.

Everyone stays safe and distanced but can communicate on one hub without any help from IT. A contactless wireless display is simple, with no cables, buttons or switches required. You can also share your screen to review documents, eliminating the need to print things out and possibly spread germs. You can then mark-up the content, enabling real-time collaboration.

Interactions don’t disappear; they now occur differently with intuitive technology. As companies look at ways to reduce the risk for in-office employees, it makes sense to adopt contactless wireless displays. Another benefit is the use of digital signage, which can broadcast messaging about safety policies when screens aren’t in use.

Can Contactless Workplaces Help Work-Life Balance?

Providing employees with the right tools can make them more productive, which could correlate to bringing less work and stress home. Contactless workplaces also help minimize some of the threat of contagion, giving them more peace of mind. It’s a stressful world right now. Every employee needs to feel supported. Those with employers that keep employee safety a priority will feel this.

The Contactless Revolution

Making the workplace more engaging and safer is more challenging in the current environment. The office isn’t canceled. It’s still a vital aspect of a company’s success.

Ensuring that it’s a space where workers can do this without additional stress is possible with a contactless workspace. Consider these options and ideas for creating the most optimal workspace for your team, and visit to learn more.


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