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When a brand becomes synonymous with the product they’ve created, it’s called an eponym. Kleenex, Q-Tip, Scotch Tape, these are all brand names who created a product so revolutionary, it became the gold standard. The same could be said for ScreenBeam’s technology.

We discussed what it took to put ScreenBeam at that coveted gold standard with Mike Ehlenberger, vice president and general manager at ScreenBeam on this inaugural episode of Collaborative Tech Talk.

When ScreenBeam got started in 2011, the company saw the trends of Wi-Fi advancing to video, where compression was becoming an issue. Others had app-based solutions, but ScreenBeam recognized the inherent challenge in software.

“We believe for a technology like this to be truly used, it can’t be proprietary,” Ehlenberger said. “It has to be standards-based.”

ScreenBeam worked with Microsoft’s engineering team, which owns the Windows operating system, to advance functionality around wireless displays. In 2012, the partnership delivered the first Wi-Fi Certified Miracast receiver. Today, ScreenBeam is the only vendor to support enterprise-class Miracast for all modern and most legacy Windows devices, and delivers an app-free experience for Apple and Chromebook users.

“But it all goes back to the customer,” Ehlenberger said. “Are we ensuring that when a customer walks into a meeting space, they can connect to the room, connect their device, and get to work without connectivity issues, no matter their device. We’re all about collaboration and making sure our app-free solution enables that collaboration.”

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