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Business meetings are a fact of life for enterprises today. To make meetings more productive and engaging, it’s critical to equip gathering spaces with collaborative technology to enable visual communication. A key component to achieving this goal is wireless display. Think of wireless presentation systems used with a touch screen in conference rooms or interactive whiteboarding solutions in a huddle space.

The reality is that facilitating wireless collaboration in enterprise settings is not without deployment challenges. Consider these common pain points:

  1. Difficulty securing proprietary information, devices and networks across the enterprise
  2. Unanticipated wireless spectrum demands from devices that cause service levels to degrade
  3. Choosing a wireless display solution that does not support device connectivity across all common platforms

Our new white paper, Wireless Collaboration in Enterprise Environments, provides an overview of the requirements to effectively mitigate the common factors described above and successfully enable wireless presentation and collaboration across any enterprise.

While securing proprietary information, devices, and networks in enterprise environments is an ongoing process, learn how it is now possible to implement wireless collaboration devices that can:

  1. Easily enable network security by providing many simultaneous connections with network isolation while meeting all security constraints
  2. Provide effective wireless spectrum management to ensure quality of service across the enterprise
  3. Offer optimal user experiences by ensuring simultaneous network access for employees and guests no matter what device is used
  4. Accommodate all the device operating systems that employees and guests bring into the organization

You can also read about our ground-breaking ScreenBeam 1100. It is the first wireless display solution to achieve cost-effective centrally-managed wireless collaboration with built-in Miracast using P2P and Infrastructure, iOS/macOS native screen mirroring, dual network interfaces, and local Wi-Fi in a no-apps, no-dongles, no-wires 4K device with touch support. For more information about how ScreenBeam 1100 solution is an unbeatable value for enabling wireless collaboration, please visit

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