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The workplace has changed; some would say for the better, others would say for the worse. Mobile workforces, wireless operations, open floor plans, huddle rooms, co-working spaces, and IoT have all impacted the modern office in different ways, but a pretty agreed upon improvement in workplace culture and design has been a focus on collaboration.

Digital displays have become the cornerstone of that collaboration, acting as the canvas for content to live and breath. One of the biggest inhibitors for digital displays, though, is the wire. Having to wire-in a device to display on a larger more collaborative screen creates roadblocks to that very collaboration.

Whenever technological proficiency is difficult to attain, businesses cannot reach peak efficiency and can even lose clients in the process. Finding solutions to lessen the burden of connecting devices is something every business needs to pursue if they want to stay competitive and collaborative. That’s where wireless display solutions come into play.

“Businesses of all sizes are planning to implement wireless display. I think at this point, it’s not a matter of if they’re going to do it, it’s really when,” said vice president and general manager of ScreenBeam, Mike Ehlenberger.

ScreenBeam hardware connects native casting solutions between devices like tablets, phones and desktops, Apple, Android and PC products alike, so businesses can seamlessly connect, share, and present relevant information to colleagues.

By going wireless, companies can rid themselves of the headache of finding compatible devices on short notice, and consequently, seeming unprofessional or unproductive during a presentation or meeting.

On the podcast, Ehlenberger explains what the standards for wireless display solutions are in the workplace, where they fall short, and how a platform agnostic piece of hardware will enable collaboration regardless of company type or collaborative event.

The business world is only going to become increasingly digital and connected. Now, more than ever, companies can stand out by implementing reliable connectivity solutions. What should be a powerful driver of business has become a net negative for many firms, but the right product can kickstart a digital future.

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