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Make Sure the Technology You Use in Your Business Meetings Helpsnot HindersOutcomes

Meetings are a fact of work life. Managed well, meetings offer the opportunity for people to better understand and positively impact an organization’s products, processes, and projects.

But nothing can derail a meeting and make it go south faster than technical glitches.

Recently, someone told me about a critical meeting they attended at a major high tech company where a team was preparing to make a presentation for the CEO and other employees. The team never got the chance to even start the presentation because they didn’t have the right cables and adapters to get the laptop with the presentation to connect to the conference room display. The CEO waited for a few minutes as people attempted to fix the problem, but then he stood up, and said, “I don’t have time for this.”

And he left.

While most technical fails at meetings won’t have such dire results, a recent article highlighted a survey of over 1,000 professionals who attend or present at meetings in the United States, France, the U.K., and Germany. The survey found that tech fails at a meeting can have a lingering negative impact beyond the actual meeting.

Respondents reported that tech problems caused meetings to start late 31 percent of the time. Seventy percent reported loss of credibility for the speaker, more than 50 percent reported lost productivity, and 12 percent indicated they’d lost business due to tech snafus.

If you want to make meeting presentations more successful and reduce the potential for glitches, wireless display technology is a great option because it uses native screen mirroring on Windows, Android and Apple devices to wirelessly connect a portable device to a room display. No more time wasted finding the right cables or adapters.

Think about that meeting with the CEO that never got off the ground. The outcome might have been totally different with wireless display.

Want to learn more? Contact us any time or read more on how to bring wireless collaboration into your meetings.

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