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Workplace transformation – and conference room transformation in particular –  has been a big topic for many years.  But what are the key goals?  At the end of the day, it all comes down to driving positive outcomes for the business.  Effective utilization of technology has been a real game changer, but today I’d like to introduce a new concept I call the “Productivity Dividend”.   Simply put, a Productivity Dividend is a measurable outcome from transformation. In this case we’ll be citing a very specific technology which not only pays for itself, but actually puts real monetary value back in the company’s coffers.

Screenbeam wireless display solutions modernize conference rooms, meeting rooms, and collaboration spaces by enabling modern devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones to connect to projectors and displays, wirelessly.  ScreenBeam eliminates the upfront time-loss suffered in most meetings where cable connectivity, missing display adapters, or device port incompatibility is draining 5 to 10 minutes out of every meeting.  Productivity dividends are calculated as real dollars returned to the company based on meeting start-up time improvement using ScreenBeam wireless display.

Here’s a scenario:

  • ABC Company has 50 conference and meeting rooms.
  • Each of the rooms have 5 meetings per day.
  • Each meeting has an average of 5 people in attendance.
  • The average hourly rate for ABC Company’s employees comes in at $50/hr.
  • ABC Company estimates it takes an average of 8 minutes to start each meeting based on time wasted connecting to their projectors.

Here’s the Productivity Dividend with ScreenBeam wireless display deployed:

  • Employees simply click or tap ‘connect’ on their device and they’re instantly connected to the room display.
  • ABC Company’s meeting start-up time goes from an average 8 minutes to an average of 1 minute.
  • That’s a savings of 7 minutes for each meeting!

Now, let’s calculate the Productivity Dividend:

  • Take 7 minutes, multiply times 5 people average in each meeting and now you’ve saved 35 man-minutes per meeting.
  • Multiply that times 5 meetings per day, and now you’ve saved 175 man minutes, or 2.91 man hours.
  • Multiply that times 50 (the number of meeting rooms at ABC Company), and you’ve saved a whopping 145.8 man hours per day!
  • Multiply that number by $50/hour average employee cost, and ABC Company saves $7,291.17 per day!
  • And finally multiply that times 251 business days per year, and ABC Company is pocketing a whopping $1.83 million dollars in Productivity Dividends annually!

You might say, this sounds too good to be true.  In fact, there is risk. In order for the organization to achieve these dividends, the employees need to actually use the technology.  The great news is that users report high levels of satisfaction being enabled to connect wirelessly.  They’re able to connect from anywhere in the room, they’ve got freedom to move around as they present, and they have the ability to quickly switch from presenter to presenter with a simple tap or click on their device.  The end result is highly collaborative meetings which generally yield better results and improved efficiency.

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