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On occasion, our support team gets a call to troubleshoot a dropped wireless display connection. Miracast is a superior standard ratified by the Wi-Fi Alliance, but organizations can still experience a poor wireless environment due to these three common causes:

  1. Physical design and infrastructure may interfere with the wireless signal. The organization’s physical design and infrastructure may interfere with the wireless signal.
  2. Improper channel planning and adjacent channel interference. Improper channel planning, plus miscellaneous Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi devices may contribute to adjacent channel interference, also known as overlapping channel.
  3. Excessive transmission power. Excessive transmission power may cause high channel utilization and interfere with other wireless connectivity using the same wireless channel.

We developed a white paper for troubleshooting wireless environments and helping various technologies play together correctly in the same frequencies. For ScreenBeam wireless display receivers, proper configuration is key to getting the most powerful and reliable signal.

Read the whitepaper to explore the root causes of these issues and best practices to solve them.

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